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The challenge with the Huffington Post native app redesign was to create a content experience that effectively communicated the loud, sometimes even pervasive brand voice of HuffPo, while providing a sufficient breadth of content, and still put usability first.  Further, editorial stakeholders had substantial needs regarding the kinds of content surfaced, and hierarchy of that content.

An army of one:  In initial phases of ideation, I worked independently, as we had not yet staffed the project.  I used this time to gather stakeholder concerns, and observe what, if anything, was working with the existing products.  Prior to sketching out page-by-page flows, I crafted and iterated upon the overarching architecture.  This tool served as a comprehensive, top level overview of the components that would need to be included in the final product.

HuffPostiPadApp_01.2013 (dragged) 1.jpg

Iterate, iterate, iterate:  By the time a proper team was integrated into the project, (first design, then development) I had created a comprehensive, fully detailed deck encompassing all the major touch points and flows throughout the app.  I found it essential to tear this deck to pieces.  As new team members were brought on, so to were new perspectives, and areas of expertise.  We iterated rapidly, first in wires, then in design, and eventually development when it made sense to do so.


Our efforts culminated in an award winning, user first native experience that fulfilled stakeholder needs and remained true to the brand.


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