Fashion Tech Forum  ||  Connecting Brands and Talent With Fashion Tech Forum


Fashion Tech Forum & Karen Harvey Consulting partnered with HYPERHYPER to establish a networking platform that would compliment their existing scheme of fashion and technology forward properties.  We worked with FTF to establish a new brand identity and build an entirely mobile friendly site in just 11 weeks.

Simply The Work:  INDX provides Fashion Tech Forum's exiting network of world class talent common ground to showcase their work.  Low ask-talent profiles allow members the ability to exhibit their work in beautiful, and decidedly minimal fashion, placing emphasis on the work itself.


Custom Tools + Career Opportunities:  FTF was in the unique position of having already accrued an extensive network of esteemed brands and established fashion professionals.  The opportunity lay in transforming this network into a community.  Our challenge was to create a simple-to-use tool for facilitating connections between brands and talent, allowing them to build truly valuable creative relationships.

We created brand and talent specific dashboards for at-a-glance views of all relevant site activity.  Tools for distinct user sets -- such as job listings for talent -- were built with a truly user-centric approach in mind.  


News + Original Content:  We wanted INDX to give talent a true sense of potential employers' culture, and provide value beyond placement.  Exclusive interviews, videos, and more offer pre-approved talent a unique, behind-the-scenes look at INDX partner brands.


Through working closely with FTF, we established a unified strategic approach that allowed us to view the product as a system.  All site elements were established with specific goals in mind, and product decisions were made with respect to a larger system which would be built upon in later iterations.  This lean approach allowed us to effectively prioritize, and build an MVP that achieved all core site objectives.