Playboy  ||  Read it For the Articles


HYPERHYPER was tasked with allowing new and existing consumers to view the legacy brand as more than just a centerfold.  We created a global experience that was translated across digital properties.  We worked with Playboy to optimize the existing interface, and to identify unique sponsorship opportunities in emerging content structures.  We also built a massive fan following by focusing on Facebook-friendly content, which drives the bulk of the site's inbound traffic.  The new, fully responsive feels totally fresh, while bolstering the brand's legacy.


The Daily + Playboy NOW


Playboy NOW for iOS:  Carrying these ideas through to the iOS app, we created a safe for work app experience that maintains the playful sentiment of the brand while serving as a true content platform--surfacing original Playboy content, videos, galleries, articles, and more.


Playboy NOW for Apple TV


Apple TV:  As Playboy entered a new, safe-for-work era, we approached Playboy NOW for Apple TV as an opportunity to put content first.  Bold imagery and an interaction model that emphasizes Playboy's original series highlights the brand's commitment to quality and breadth of content.