Spotify  ||  Envisioning Native Ads for Tomorrow's Product Experience

Spotify came to us to envision a new native ads platform to be launched in a future iteration of their product.  Opportunities for ad monetization in the freemium model had not been fully realized and further, were not up to par with the product experience.  We worked with Spotify to create an ad model that put the user first, and provided value to all major stakeholders.

A genuinely collaborative process:  Functioning as true partners, we worked closely and iterated often.  Frequent, in-house work sessions alleviated the need for traditional deliverables, expediting our workflow and ameliorating the depth of our understanding of business, client, and consumer needs.


User testing as integral to every step of ideation:  We shared the perspective that testing should be executed as often as possible.  Unique to this client engagement was our effort to build upon initial ideation based not only on stakeholder interviews and conventional discovery tactics, but on real user insights gathered in initial big picture, concept testing.



We brought our concepts to users at various phases of product development, from rough sketches to a functioning prototype, and were able to make genuinely educated decisions about how best to pursue those product ideas that really resonated with users (and quickly identified those that were less compelling).


Our strongest ideas were refined in a functioning prototype, which we again placed in front of users.  These insights allowed us to minimize nuanced pain points and optimize functional interactions prior to full integration.

From a functioning front end prototype...

From a functioning front end prototype... the live build. the live build.


Taking utility as our guiding principle, we were able to develop a solution that provided genuine value to both users and businesses partnering with Spotify.  We empowered users to take control of their ad experience in a way that provided advertisers with genuine insights about user engagement and behaviors.