||  Merging Brand and E-Commerce


The redesign was driven by two primary objectives, namely to envision an effective e-commerce solution that drives conversions, and promotes Teleflora's unique selling proposition of offering hand crafted, hand delivered bouquets from your local florist.

Working through the waterfall:  The process was initially the challenge in this situation.  Our client was married to a traditional, waterfall methodology.  After having attempted to map our more agile methodologies onto the client's workflow, it quickly became evident that in order to be successful, we needed to modify the way we worked.  We believed we would be most successful if the client was involved in our process to the extent that was feasible, and we thus began to focus our efforts on facilitating a working relationship.  As opposed to handing off comprehensive, elaborately annotated wireframes and fully fleshed out comps, we proposed twice weekly work sessions during which we would walk through in-progress work, and talk through concepts in initial ideation phases with the client.  This enabled us to anticipate disconnects in our thinking before they were made manifest in fully articulated ideas, and was further beneficial for the client, as they were no longer burdened with having a 50-some page deck to "sign off on."  Perhaps most importantly, this kind of collaborative approach allowed us to establish a sense of shared ownership in the project with the client.  


From elaborate and detailed documentation...

s2cat.jpg collaborative work sessions.


Deliverables that make sense:  In accordance with a new workflow, we shared our work with the client in the form it made the most sense to do so.  If an idea was largely dependent upon the visual articulation of a concept, we showed the client flat comps.  More convoluted ideas involving contingent variables and multiple states made more sense to articulate in wireframes.  Working in this manner allowed us to invest more time in those ideas that needed a bit more thought, and allowed us to move into working in a prototype much more quickly.  Communication became seamless as we established a shared language.  Further, because we had managed client expectations within the context of our process, we were able to work with the client in an in-progress, live prototype much sooner than expected.

Role of user testing:  User testing was paramount to the success of this project.  At various iterations of project completion, we were able to place a working, front-end prototype in front of actual users.  The actionable feedback gathered from these sessions allowed us to identify and amend pain points before going live, and take advantage of new opportunities that emerged in the interface.  This was especially useful given the kinds of content we were dealing with, namely new product offerings, a new checkout flow, new ways of shopping, and the general intuitiveness of site functionality.  Internally, this kind of testing often served to resolve issues we were uncertain of.  Further, our findings often served as substantial clout in reifying our recommendations to the client.  

Unique solutions within an existing framework:  Certain limitations were placed on our realizing a creative solution for this project.  It was essential to our client that the things that were working for them remain consistent in the redesign.  Further, while the client wanted us to enliven product offerings, any change affecting the actual physical presentation of the product was too high of an ask for fulfillment.  Given these constraints, and in addition to an overhaul on visual design and usability, we implemented the following solutions:

Envisioning new ways to shop:  New ways to shop were integrated throughout the shopping experience.


Communicating the USP:  Teleflora's differentiating factors were integrated throughout the site at multiple touch points, and at varying degrees of product interaction.


New product offerings:  Context was created around existing products in order to reposition Teleflora bouquets to appeal to the high end consumer.